Alexis Skyy Claims She ‘Paved the Way for These B*tches,’ Other Rapper Baby Mamas React

Alexis Skyy Claims She 'Paved the Way for These B*tches,' Other Rapper Baby Mamas React

The Twitter war starts between Alexis and Ari Fletcher before it snowballs into a full blown groupie catfight with Jayda Cheaves, Masika Kalysha, and Akbar V joining.

AceShowbiz – There’s no shortage of drama this weekend on social media. Some of the famous rapper baby mamas like Alexis Skyy, Ari Fletcher, Jayda Cheaves, Masika Kalysha, and Akbar V flocked to Twitter to throw subs in a heated war of words.

It all began when Fetty Wap‘s ex Alexis showed off her new nails. People started accusing her of copying G Herbo’s baby mama Ari. This got Alexis riled up as she claimed she’s on “[her] own lane” and “paved the way for these b***hes.”

Ari mocked, “Paved the way? PAVED THE F**KING WAY FOR WHO? $3500 could never get me in the club.” She also wrote, “Don’t flatter yourself! I wasn’t even talking about you but you do fit. You like my style is okay. Don’t let these fans gass you.”

Alexis reacted, “Shawty let make something VERY CLEAR…I haven’t accepted nothing less than 5k since 2016, so that’s $3500 you thought was my fee, was most likely a DEPOSIT! Now Double those numbers UP & THATS my current hosting fee!! $7000!!”

She then attacked Jayda (Lil Baby‘s baby mama). Apparently offended by Jayda’s “ANNA OOP” tweet, she raged, “I suggest you sit TF down b4 I come around & snatch my n***a back again.”

Jayda replied, “H*es he don’t want you. Nobody want you. Baby you’re tired. Take a seat. SEVERAL.”

Alexis claimed otherwise, “Listen up, anybody I had in the past I still have stoopid!! AT ANY GIVEN TIME I assume he must didn’t tell you about these last couple of days??!!! Want receipts”

Jayda clapped back, “You fumbled your own bag sweetheart. But the fact you’re ok with playing #2 beat it for me. You worry about d**k more than your own child this must be a joke.”

Things got even merrier as Fetty’s baby mama Masika entered the chat. She also took issues with Alexis’ “paved the way” claim, and Alexis reacted, “I’m not going back & forth with no 35 year old has-been who I ran off her own show, now she’s running around on WeTV chasing around Lil Bow Wow!! Bye…”

When Alexis taunted her, “What’s next,” Masika quickly replied, “A DNA TEST,” referring to Alexis’ claim that her baby was Fetty’s but it’s later proved otherwise.

Alexis was not without supporter as Young Thug‘s baby mama Akbar chose to take sides with her.

Amid the catfight, Lil Baby commented, “I HATE drama … miss me with that s**t please!!”

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