Alexis Skyy Defends Herself for Not Helping Akbar V When She Got Beaten Up

Alexis Skyy Defends Herself for Not Helping Akbar V When She Got Beaten Up

Alexis refuses to lend a helping hand to Akbar when the latter gets beaten up by LightSkinKeisha and Tokyo Vanity during the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ taping.

AceShowbizAkbar V got into a fight with fellow reality stars LightSkinKeisha and Tokyo Vanity during the recent taping of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta“. Akbar was allegedly beaten up by Keisha and Tokyo, and Alexis Skyy who’s there with them refused to help Akbar.

Alexis later explained herself on social media, “Actually, the only place i ran too… was to break up the fight for somebody who doesn’t even have my back on the show!!!” She said people needed to watch the episode to understand what really happened, “Tune in when the show airs & WATCH how it actually plays out!!!”

Someone responded to Alexis, “She got back your back in real life f**k a show,” referring to Akbar who stood up for Alexis when Ari Fletcher, Jayda Ayanna, and Masika Kalysha ganged up on her in a Twitter war recently. However, Alexis claimed Akbar was not genuine, “You mean on the internet [rolling eyes] but in scene continues to try & play me. Oh ok.”

Akbar then entered the chat. “Girl what on the internet,” she ranted. “Let’s talk facts, the fact is u scary as f**k and u play victim. Right or wrong i stand for u and it didn’t mean s**t bout no internet. Girl, I done kept b***hes off u.”

She continued, “My best friend was bout to beat your a** @youngneim_ in the club and told her not too so I think I show loyalty on and off internet. See I’m not a internet b***h U know how I handle s**t. I pull up no talking. U entertaining a blog but on God u know me an my loyalty and I stand on it.”

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