Alexis Skyy’s Former Bestie Claims to Have Incriminating Videos of Her, Threatens to Retaliate

Alexis Skyy's Former Bestie Claims to Have Incriminating Videos of Her, Threatens to Retaliate

Ikey, who has been feuding with the ‘Love and Hip Hop’ star, tells her to stop telling lies and sending threats to his mother or else he will release more receipts.

AceShowbizAlexis Skyy‘s bestie-turned-enemy Ikey has apparently just begun with his character assassination of her. The fashion entrepreneur, who recently spilled some tea about the reality TV star, claims to have more receipts that could possibly destroy her image in public.

Ikey came up with a warning to Alexis on his Instagram Stories on Friday, April 24, telling her to stop telling lies and making threats to his mother, or else he would retaliate. “Alexis, u can stop calling my mother making up lies… & sending threats b4 I retaliate. Soon as some bs come my way, game on!!!!” he wrote.

Defending his Q&A in which he revealed things about Alexis, he claimed, “U started it, by posting that email insinuating I accepted money from somebody without ur knowledge, when u know damn well what the deal was!!!! & That’s all I’ma say, the only reason I did the Q&A was bc u posted that email insinuating what u did…” Seemingly ready to end the back and forth if she is willing too, Ikey said, “When u leave it alone, I will as well.”

But if Alexis won’t stop, Ikey reminded her in another post that he’s “got a bunch of videos, messages, & info… of u doing a lot of things.” While he has not released any of them, his message hinted that he wouldn’t hesitate to do it if the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star continues to trash talk him.

Alexis Skyy and Ikey have a fallout after the former shared a cryptic post about loyalty. Replying to her message, Ikey hit back, “it’s the loyalty for u… but u got ya ‘friends’ blocking me ur business page. Nobodi can’t talk to me about no loyalty… when I been the most loyal mf in ur corner!!! So miss me with that bulls**t.”

Alexis later accused Ikey of stealing her Macbook and bags from her house. “you were in my house with your friends and all my s**t is gone now. Mac book my bags lol so I’m not suppose to be upset did I come on ig with this s**t you sitting here doing snake s**t, I don’t give a f**k about no blocking on a page tell them I want my s**t back, you didn’t call me once to ask me if I’m good nothing,” she wrote at the time.

Not one to remain silent, Ikey then took to his new Instagram page The Vault Uncut to air some dirty laundry about his former bestie. He accused the VH1 star of using “some White guy she just met” for his money to fund her new business. He also weighed in on Alexis’ feud with Ari Fletcher among other things.

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