Andie MacDowell Deletes Twitter Account After Appearing to Have Sneaked Into Closed Park

Andie MacDowell Deletes Twitter Account After Appearing to Have Sneaked Into Closed Park

The ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ actress has found herself under fire after photos of her and her two daughters crawling underneath the locked gate of a Los Angeles park surfaced.

AceShowbizAndie MacDowell has deleted her Twitter account after facing backlash over leaked photos showing her and her daughters sneaking into a closed Los Angeles park during the coronavirus lockdown.

Despite the fact that the Audubon Center at Debs Park is closed until April 30 due to COVID-19 concerns, the New York Post’s gossip column Page Six published pictures allegedly taken on Friday, April 17 which appeared to show Andie and her girls, Margaret Qualley and Rainey Qualley, crawling underneath the locked gate.

Following the publication of the news story, Andie was quickly inundated with angry messages from her Twitter followers – so much so that she opted to delete her entire account on the social media site.

“Come on Andie MacDowell! this is MESSED UP,” one person wrote. “Crawling under the damn fence!!!!!! STAY HOME with your teenagers!”

Another commented, “Andie MacDowell and her daughter scraping their privileged a*ses under the gate of a closed park in Los Angeles. Apparently rules don’t apply to them and their doggies. We are all in this together, a**holes.”

The “Four Weddings and a Funeral” actress also seemed to respond to the pictures in a since-deleted post on her Instagram Stories, in which she appeared to deny that she and her daughters were at the park.

“Both my girls are in Montana. They are not in LA,” she wrote.

In response to the alleged trespassing, the Audubon Center’s director Marcos Trinidad told Page Six: “No one from the Audubon encountered them and we will not penalise them.”

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