Ayesha Curry Trolls Her Husband Stephen for Getting Hard in Racy Vacation Pic

Ayesha Curry Trolls Her Husband Stephen for Getting Hard in Racy Vacation Pic

The cookbook author jokingly tells the NBA player that he could have at least used a filter after he shares a photo in which his junk is poking while Ayesha licks his forehead.

AceShowbizStephen Curry couldn’t help getting turned on by his wife Ayesha Curry during their romantic vacation and he made no attempt to hide it. The professional basketball player has just shared a racy photo from their Valentine’s Day holiday.

On Sunday, February 16, the Golden State Warriors star posted on Instagram a picture of him carrying his wife, who’s making a suggestive move by licking his forehead. “Vacation vibes with my one and only like dat!” he captioned it.

While Stephen seemingly just wanted to treasure their moment together with the picture, Ayesha poked fun at her hubby as she noticed that his junk was poking from his gray shorts. “You coulda at least popped a filter on this. I love you though,” she cheekily wrote in the comment section.

Ayesha Curry Trolls Her Husband Stephen for Getting Hard in Racy Vacation Pic

Stephen Curry shares intimate photo from vacation with his wife Ayesha.

To some people who were naively confused as to what Ayesha was talking about, one person pointed out, “she talking bout her man meat pokin.” Another explained, “she talking about that eggplant rising she like damn showing all my goods to the world!!!”

Fans of the couple, meanwhile, disagreed with the 30-year-old cookbook author about the need to use filter for their intimate picture. “no filter needed,” one voiced what many others similarly expressed in their own comments. Another jokingly suggested that the pair might be having baby number 4 soon. “Welp..number 4 otw,” the said person wrote.

A few others, however, slammed the couple for sharing too much about their private life on social media. “What a testimony keep your life private @stephencurry30 do you know how many minors follow you, just not appropriate,” one wrote. Another added, “Don’t appreciate this with my teenage boys following you.”

In another photo shared from their vacation, Ayesha gave a peek at her never-before-seen tattoo on her pelvic area, as she rocked an orange bikini. It’s not clear what the tattoo is, but she appears to have it inked recently since it had not been seen in her previous bikini picture posted back in March 2019.

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