‘Bachelor’ Recap: Peter Weber Is Devastated as One Contestant Almost Opts Out of Rose Ceremony

'Bachelor' Recap: Peter Weber Is Devastated as One Contestant Almost Opts Out of Rose Ceremony

Later, the pilot comes face-to-face with the ladies, whom he sent home in previous episodes, during the ‘Women Tell All’ special in which they also confront each other.

AceShowbiz – The Monday, March 2 episode of “The Bachelor” saw Peter Weber reeling on his emotional conversation with Madison during their fantasy suite date, when she told him that she would be broken if he had slept with either of the other two women, Hannah Ann and Victoria F. Madison cried when Peter admitted that he was being intimate with them. They ended their date with things in their relationship completely unresolved.

Later, it was time for the next rose ceremony but Madison was nowhere to be seen. When she finally arrived, she told host Chris Harrison, “I’m not great. I was falling in love with him, and then, last night happened, and now I don’t really know.”

Peter first gave the rose to Hannah Ann who accepted. The second rose went to Madison, who also accepted it though she looked hesitated at first. That meant Victoria was sent home. “I just want you to know how real everything was for me,” Peter said to Victoria afterward. “I swear to God, Victoria. I was falling in love with you. All those feelings, everything from that last date, waking up with you that next morning and how I was expressing that…that was all so real. I just know that my heart is farther along with the two other girls.”

Victoria couldn’t hold back her tears as she drove away. “It is what it is,” she said. “It’s just sad. I was just hoping to find love. Isn’t that what anyone’s hoping for? I think the conversation he had with Madison changed everything that he felt with me. The fact that someone could sway his opinion with an ultimatum….it sucks. I just don’t want him to regret any decisions he’s made.”

Peter later came face-to-face with the eliminated ladies during the “Women Tell All” special. During the special, Alayah was confronted by everyone as she was accused of being “fake.” There was also drama between Victoria P. and Alayah who were said to be meeting through beauty pageants. The former could be seen comforting Alayah in the special despite talking bad about her hehind her back.

“You’re the FAKEST person in the house,” Savannah told Victoria. “You wanted everyone to be against her.” In no time, the ladies were screaming at each other.

Tammy, meanwhile, denied calling Kelsey “alcoholic” and “pill popper.” That didn’t satisfy Kelsey, who said while crying, “By you claiming that I’ emotionally unstable, having a mental breakdown, having alcoholic tendencies….it’s a strong accusation to make about somebody. By you putting that out there, now I’m labeled as something that I’m not. It’s also very rude to people who do go through those diseases. I’m not okay with that.”

As for most recently-eliminated Victoria F., she admitted to feeling “frustrated” with herself for pushing Peter away throughout the season. “I didn’t realize how much he cared about me,” she explained in the hot seat. “I wish I would’ve let him love me the way he wanted to sooner. I think it would’ve been a lot different.”

Later that night, Peter also shared his feelings towards the ladies. Mykenna, meanwhile, called him out for apparently giving her false hope by keeping her after the two-on-one date with Tammy only to eliminate her at the very next rose ceremony. “Going into that night, I didn’t know for sure where all the roses were going. I promise you. I wouldn’t have put you through that if I did. I wanted that night to have a couple more conversations and I’m sorry it came off that way,” Peter explained.

“The Bachelor” season 24 will air its two-night finale on March 9 and 10 on ABC.

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