Besides DaBaby, These Rappers Get Involved In Physical Altercation With Fans

Besides DaBaby, These Rappers Get Involved In Physical Altercation With Fans

While there are many cases where artists show love for their fans, there are also moments when they’re doing the exact opposite by attacking their supporters for several reasons.

AceShowbiz – Artists and fans are supposed to be having a supportive relationship. While there are many cases where artists show love for their fans, there are also moments when they are doing the exact opposite by attacking their supporters for several reasons. This especially happened quite often in hip-hop industry.

Just recently, DaBaby made headlines after he was caught slapping a female fan during a show in Tampa. The rapper later took to his social media account to make a public apology to the fan, though it didn’t really work.

A fan named Tyronesha Laws came with a lawsuit against the “Suge” rapper. Laws is seeking damages for battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, among other claims. Further making everything complicated, DaBaby insisted that Laws wasn’t the one whom he slapped at the March 7 gig.

Surely, that was not the only incident in the hip-hop world as big names such as Future, A$AP Rocky and Akon were involved in intense moments with their fans. Check out the list below.

1. Future


Future experienced an unfortunate event when he landed on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza back in July 2019. It was reported that he was getting too overwhelming welcome with a group of 10 men approaching the “Turn On the Lights” for a selfie. The rapper, however, wasn’t in the mood for that and declined, telling them, “Not today, guys.”

That didn’t sit well with the men as they started to say racially abusive remarks at the rapper, and the situation further escalated when they, whom the rapper called “fake goons,” punched his bodyguards. Addressing the incident on Instagram, Future said, “I left the airport, they edit the video they filmed and sent it to blogs real real tuf guys. What they did to security I didn’t see period, I’m not a witness to anything … Leave me out anything having to do with this incident.”

2. Pitbull


Rap icon Pitbull was also among those who had a displeasing encounter with fans. Back in 2009, he was seen in a viral video punching a fan while onstage in Colorado. The violent incident allegedly started after the man threw money on the stage, prompting the star to pull him on the stage and knock him down.

“They don’t show the whole clip of what happened,” Pit said of the altercation. “I’m bringing him onstage with no intention of doing nothing to him. I’m bringing him onstage to say, ‘Look, this the clown that’s gonna f**k up your show. I’m getting rid of him. I’m letting y’all know right now. Don’t nobody else make it rain.’ When I bring the muthaf***a up on the stage, he throws a wad of money in my face. When he did that, that’s when natural reaction … natural instinct kicked in.”

3. Akon

WENN/Sean Thorton

Back in 2008, rapper/producer Akon was involved in a physical altercation with a couple of female fans. In a video that went viral, he could be seen jumping off the stage during a performance, attempting to do the obligatory crowd-surfing excercise before playing Ultimate Fighting Champion. But his moment was interrupted as some fans were taking off his pants and that was when things got nasty.

He punched one girl of two female fans, who joined him on the camera platform, with a clothesline before punching the other girl across the face causing her to fall off the five-foot high stand. Also in the same year, he was fined $350 and was ordered to do 65 hours of community service for hurling a 15-year-old boy off his stage in 2007.

4. A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky
WENN/Derrick Salters

A$AP Rocky didn’t like it if you invaded his personal space. The Harlem rapper was caught on camera going violent with a female fan while he was mobbed through the crowd flanked by security following his performance at the Horden Pavilion in 2013. It appeared that the fan was being overly excited by reaching out to touch the rapper and patting his head.

Not taking the gesture well, Rocky hurled a punch to the unidentified concert-goer while some male fans standing next to her laughed. Additionally, Rocky was allegedly punching another fan earlier on in the concert after someone took his hat almost immediately after stage diving into the audience.

5. Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates‘s violent act againts a fan back in 2015 earned him a jail sentence. The rapper was sentenced to 180 days in jail after being convicted of kicking a female fan at a Florida concert. According to reports, he attacked the said fan, allegedly named Miranda Dixon, at Lakeland’s Rumors Nightclub in August for touching him inappropriately.

Kevin claimed that the fan tugged on his pants twice to get his attention for her friend. Clearly not liking the act, the Baton Rouge rapper kicked her so hard, causing her to fall back and pass out. The battery forced her to admit herself to the hospital to get a CT scan before filing a lawsuit against Gates.

6. Flame


Rapper Flame was an up-and-coming artist when he was hit with a battery scandal. The former member of The Wrecking Crew found his name trending on social media last year, though it wasn’t for the right reason.

Last December, Flame enraged people after a video of him assaulting a fan during his performance made its way out online. Further putting himself in a bad side of fans, Flame blasted a supporter who claimed to be disappointed in him following the damning video. “F**k you and your support I don’t need it b***h,” he responded on Twitter, only to claim that he was being hacked afterwards.

7. Rich Homie Quan Pimp

Rich Homie Quan Pimp

Rich Homie Quan Pimp apparently didn’t see a fan’s overwhelming excitement when meeting him as a good thing. The BET Awards’ best new artist winner was involved in an altercation after he was seen laying a pimp slap on a fan during a gig at 3 Monkeys in Racine in 2014.

A video captured the moment when the fan was trying to pull himself onstage but he made a big mistake by using RHQ’s arm for that. Quan gave the guy a piece of mind before slapping him in the head. Fortunately for the rapper, no one filed a complaint for the assault.

8. Offset


Offset was another rapper to get in trouble with the law for assaulting a fan. In May 2019, Atlanta-area police issued a felony arrest warrant for the Migos rapper after he allegedly damaged a fan’s iPhone during his shopping outing at a Target.

A video of the incident saw a fan attempting to take a selfie video with the rapper. For some reasons, the husband of Cardi B wasn’t a fan of the idea and proceeded to wind up to hit the phone before the video cut out. Through his attorney Drew Findling, he claimed to be exploited, calling the warrant “disgraceful and should be dismissed.”

9. Wale


DMV rapper Wale had a physical altercation at WWE Raw back in 2014. The “Lovehate Thing” spitter went ballistic after he learned that the fan who taunted him on Twitter was also in the same building with him.

He was then confronting the wrestling fan outside the ring before mushing the fan’s face. Witness Jawn Murray of claimed that the rapper threw at least one punch at the fan, saying, “The next thing I know Wale is putting the smackdown on dude. Punched him dead in his face. It was a full fight.” Fortunately, he was never charged for the action.

10. Busta Rhymes

Busta Rhymes
WENN/Judy Eddy

Busta Rhymes didn’t like it if you leave in the middle of his performance and a fan learned that the hard way in 2016. Alex Duncan attempted to leave a venue after he learned that Fabolous, the one whom he was excited to see performing, would not be performing. However, he was called out by Busta as he made other concert-goers sit down, leaving Duncan stand alone.

Later, the Queens rapper doused Duncan with water and pelted him with multiple water bottles. Additionally, the “Dangerous” MC’s bodyguard allegedly punched the man. The assault cost him $75,000 that he had to pay to Duncan.

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