‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Days Isn’t Sorry for Saying Hurtful Things to Son Despite Backlash

'Black Ink Crew' Star Sky Days Isn't Sorry for Saying Hurtful Things to Son Despite Backlash

Instead of apologizing to Des for saying nobody wants him, the TV personality says during an Instagram Live session, ‘Listen, I said what I said, God gon’ deal with me.’

AceShowbizSky Days has been receiving heavy backlash following her heated fight with Des that led him to break down in tears. However, instead of apologizing for what she said to the son she once abandoned, the TV personality defended herself when addressing the matter during a recent Instagram Live session.

“Y’all taking up for Des? That’s nice. That’s sweet. That n***a ain’t have no tears in his eyes, but that’s sweet. Listen, I said what I said, God gon’ deal with me,” she told her followers, not sounding the least bit remorseful. “Like, God thank you for everything you’ve done in my life and everything you gon’ do. You know, that was a hard day for me in November, you know? I’m pretty sure it was hard for him too. But it happened. Like what the f**k you want me to do? God is working on me day by day, son. And it is what it is.”

Her comment naturally sparked even more backlash. “And the fact that she’s laughing about it like it’s a joke. That is nothing to joke about. Folks better stop playing with God.Cause he will humble you real quick,” one said, as someone simply urged others, “we DON’T SUPPORT dead beats mom’s.” Another came to a conclusion after watching her session, “Not everyone deserves to be a mother,” while one other wrote, “She’s so corny. She’s a grown women acting like a 13 yr old.”

Her fight with Des was documented in the latest episode of “Black Ink Crew” in which Sky accused her younger son of stealing from her. Even though Des denied the accusation, Sky apparently didn’t believe it and things went south after that. “Your daddy don’t want you, I don’t want you, nobody wants you!” she told him as he walked away.

Later on, Des cried to Ceasar over his mother’s hurtful comments, The latter tried to console him to no avail.

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