Candace Owens Blasted for Feigning Ignorance After Ranting Over Having to Wear Mask in Grocery Store

Candace Owens Blasted for Feigning Ignorance After Ranting Over Having to Wear Mask in Grocery Store

The conservative political activist vents her frustration on Twitter after a police officer approached her and her husband for violating Whole Foods’ new regulation to wear a mask.

AceShowbiz – While many public figures have been using their platforms to urge people to take every precaution needed to stop the spread of coronavirus, Candace Owens is doing the contrary. On Wednesday, April 15, the conservative political commentator took to Twitter to lash out after a police officer approached her for not wearing a mask while inside a grocery store.

Candace apparently violated Whole Foods’ new regulation that all customers must wear a mask while shopping in-store during her visit that day. But instead of regretting it, she ranted over the police encounter.

“WOW. Just had a police officer called over to me and my husband at Whole Foods bc we were not wearing masks. We come to this @WholeFoods EVERY DAY. Apparently beginning yesterday, it is now illegal to come in without a mask,” she tweeted out her frustration, before musing, “Total deaths in D.C from Covid? 69. WTF if (sic) going on?”

Candace Owens Rants Over Having to Wear Mask in Grocery Store

Candace Owens rants over having to wear a mask in grocery store.

Candace also shared about the ordeal in a video where she said that the officer was a black woman wearing a mask. “I do want to be clear here,” she clarified. “I am not at all meaning to attack police officers. They have to do what they’re told to do even if they disagree with it personally. And I can sense that this woman disagreed with it personally.”

But when someone reminded her that “the DC mayor announced last week that all shoppers at grocery stores need to wear masks in order to keep employees, who are still going in to work every day and serving their community, safe during the pandemic,” she still doesn’t see the need to do so.

“So we weren’t required to wear masks to keep them safe when HUNDREDS were dying from the flu (majority young)-but we are now required to wear them bc 69 people died from Covid (majority elderly),” she argued, before sarcastically adding, “IT MAKES NO SENSE-like working for CNN & thinking anyone gives a damn what you think.”

Her tweets have sparked criticisms from other users, who blasted her for feigning ignorance about the pandemic. “A concept you clearly have no connection to –masks are not to protect you, they’re to protect those around you. So, we see why you’re so upset over this,” one reacted to her posts. Another replied to her, “This is what abject ignorance looks like. Delete your account. And bravo to Whole Foods.”

Someone accused her of putting employees at the grocery store at risk, “You continue to revel in being a sociopath who doesn’t care who they harm. You ignore the public health crisis, and businesses have every right to show you the door because you imperil their employees and other customers.”

“Basically, she has been going to Whole Foods EVERY DAY (Face with rolling eyes) which, until now, has apparently not required masks. Meaning she may be infected. She now continues to go EVERY DAY, spreading her potentially infected breath aerosol all over Whole Foods. And she is asking why???” another baffled user wrote.

This is not the first time Candace made controversial statement about coronavirus. She has been tweeting about how she thinks people are overreacting to the COVID-19 outbreak. “We live in a country of 330 million people. We are supposed to believe that of a total of 23,000 deaths, over 10,000 occurred in NYC – an island of just 7 million people (of which at least a million fled). Can we all stop pretending this makes any sense, please. I’m bored,” she wrote on Thursday, April 9.

The right-wing political activist claimed in another post, “FACT: we went from 2.2. million, to 100,000, to 60,000 predictive #coronavirus deaths because the models were always bulls**t, the media was lying, and the virus was never as fatal as the experts that are chronically wrong about everything, prophesized.”

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