Diddy Builds Monument Honoring Kim Porter in His Home

Diddy Builds Monument Honoring Kim Porter in His Home

During an Instagram Live session with Fat Joe, the ‘I’ll Be Missing You’ rapper also urges playboys not to play around like he did when they ever find ‘that one.’

AceShowbiz – The death of Kim Porter clearly hits Sean “P. Diddy” Combs so hard that he wants to honor her in every way possible. During a recent joint Instagram Live session with Fat Joe, the hip-hop mogul revealed that he had built a monument to honor his late ex-girlfriend in his home.

After chatting for a while, Diddy decided to take his fellow rapper and other viewers “for a little walk, show you around, show you this monument that I built for her.” As the “I’ll Be Missing You” rapper walked around his backyard, he shared a message to people who love to change partners quickly.

“To all the playboys,” he said. “When you find that one, don’t be playin’ around with it. ‘Cause they’re rare. Y’know what I’m sayin’? It’s rare. Somebody that’s gonna understand you, be there for you unconditionally.” Admitting to regretting his life choices, Diddy added, “I feel like she was the one for me, and you know, I played around. [God] changed me as a man and be able to appreciate love.”

He then revealed the monument, which is a woman’s curved statue, that he built for her prior to her death.

Kim passed away tragically in November 2018 due to lobar pneumonia. Since then, Diddy often uses his social media account to honor the late model. For instance, back in January, he paid tribute to his baby mama by urging men to “cherish” special women in their lives. “If you got a good woman please let her know,” he wrote alongside a photo of Kim rocking an orange dress while smiling so brightly. “Tell her as soon as you can. Make sure she knows. Make sure she feels it.”

The “Last Night” spitter went on to add, “HONOR HER. CHERISH HER. Cause the special ones are RARE and FEW. And everyone doesn’t get a second chance. LET THE ONE YOU LOVE KNOW TODAY. RIGHT NOW!!!!” Diddy concluded his heartfelt message by declaring that he would “honor” Kim forever.

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