Doja Cat on Tension With Nicki Minaj’s Fans: ‘They Don’t Even Know Me’

Doja Cat on Tension With Nicki Minaj's Fans: 'They Don't Even Know Me'

During an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe via FaceTime, the ‘Boss B***h’ rapper explains how she is involved in an online spat with the Barbz on Twitter.

AceShowbizDoja Cat has addressed the situation between her and Nicki Minaj‘s fans, who are also known as Barbz. During an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe via FaceTime, the “Say So” rapper explained how she was involved in an online spat with them on Twitter.

“He saw this art that someone drew of me, Nicki and Meg (Megan Thee Stallion), in that order,” Doja spoke of one of his fans. “So Nicki was in the middle and it was a Rolling Stone cover, but Nicki was in the middle, rightfully so. Meg was on the right and I was on the left and this guy commented, ‘I’d like to see Doja in the middle.’ “

That remarks apparently didn’t sit well with one Barbz, who later “commented back to him, ‘Gosh, men. Men these days, they’re so messy. They just want problems all the time.’ And I saw that comment and I was like, ‘God, you have to bring like someone’s gender into stuff and that’s what makes you look stupid.’ “

The argument only went further from there. “So then I come in and I say, ‘Dude, stop responding to these people. They’re scum. They’re so awful. Stop talking to them. They have nothing good to say to you or anybody else,’ ” Doja recalled.

That was when people started to twist her words and made it like Doja hate the Barbz with some of them trending the hashtag of #dojacatisoverparty on the blue bird app. “They start spinning it that I’m talking about every single person who likes Nicki Minaj when they don’t even know I’m the biggest Nicki Minaj fan,” Doja went on to say. “So they’re stupid. They don’t even know me. So they’re saying things that they have no idea what they’re talking about.”

Some people, thankfully, came to Doja’s defense. “this fanbase is toxic all she did was state facts lmao. some of y’all rep nicki so poorly #dojacatisoverparty,” one tweeted about the Barbz. Another one added, “Idc what anyone says I am not following the #dojacatisoverparty man. Y’all wanna cancel people over ANYTHING. Stfu b***hes too bored, let the queen talk.”

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