Doja Cat Rambles About ‘F**king’ Russ in Suspected Cocaine-Fueled Video and He Responds

Doja Cat Rambles About 'F**king' Russ in Suspected Cocaine-Fueled Video and He Responds

The ‘Hot Pink’ femcee is allegedly high on cocaine during her Instagram broadcast as she’s clowning ‘Zoo’ rapper Russ who’s among her viewers on the live video.

AceShowbiz – Is Doja Cat high on cocaine during her recent Instagram Live? People suspected the 24-year-old female rapper sniffed cocaine as she’s rambling while repeatedly sniffling and rubbing her seemingly runny nose. At one point during the broadcast, she showed some suspicious white powder on her nose.

One of the famous people who watched her and left comments was rapper Russ. She clowned him and told him she didn’t care if he produced his own music. “Don’t get me wrong, I would braid your hair for days,” she slurred. “I’m gonna f**k you but … shut the f**k up!”

Russ laughed at her incoherent rambling. “Lmao this was our exact dm 2 years ago I love it,” he wrote. “Mood.” The “Zoo” lyricist also gave her video a “6 star yelp review.”

Earlier in the video, Doja criticized people for trying to pit female rappers like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, and Azealia Banks against one another. “it’s the dumbest,” she said. “I get it, it’s fun and interesting but it’s interesting to a point…”

She then sang high praise for Nicki. “She has implanted herself so deeply into all of us and into music, and into rap, and into hip-hop, in such a way that people have underappreciated her and I don’t think that that’s right,” she said. “I don’t think that that’s natural. I feel like there’s some weird, corny way.”

Russ let her know he “agreed” with her, but she was not impressed with his comment. “Russ, get out of here, get the f**k out of here,” she replied. “Leave and text me, but get out of here.”

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Doja hasn’t commented on the cocaine rumors, but she admitted she’s intoxicated during the video. “I was drunk as f**k last night,” she tweeted before explaining her high praise for Nicki, “but yeah we all need to start appreciating the women in hip hop js.”

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