Ellen DeGeneres Bombards Jennifer Aniston With Calls During Coronavirus Quarantine

Ellen DeGeneres Bombards Jennifer Aniston With Calls During Coronavirus Quarantine
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‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ host calls the ‘Friends’ alum every 30 minutes and presses her to share interesting ideas of what to do during the self-isolation period.

AceShowbiz – A bored Ellen DeGeneres continues to spend her time by calling her celebrity friends during coronavirus quarantine. This time, her target was none other than her best friend Jennifer Aniston. Proving how solid their friendship is, the talk show host shamelessly called the actress at least twice in 30 minutes.

Ellen uploaded an Instagram video on Friday, March 20 that captured her phone conversation with the “Friends” alum. “What are you doing?” the comedian asked the SAG Award-winning actress, who honestly replied, “Uh, well not much different than the last time we spoke about 30 minutes ago.”

Jennifer’s response prompted the 62-year-old media personality to press her to share more information, saying, “I thought you started a new project or something.” Much to Ellen’s disappointment, the 51-year-old star didn’t do anything special as she revealed that she was “still cleaning out my closet, so that’s still happening.”

Jennifer went on to ask about Ellen’s 4,000-piece puzzle which she worked on earlier this week. “The table wasn’t big enough. I had to get rid of it,” Ellen reasoned why she didn’t complete the puzzle. “I mean I really had good intentions, but the table was too small, so I had to get rid of it.”

Responding to Ellen’s puzzle problem, Jennifer suggested her to solve the pieces on the floor. The comedian replied, “Courteney [Cox] suggested that too. We have four dogs and two cats. There’s no way I can do a puzzle on the floor. That’s not possible.”

But Ellen had other things to keep herself “busy.” She said she “read a book this morning” and was still doing her “magic” trick that she previously learned from illusionist David Blaine. She went on asking Jennifer to give people “ideas” of what to do while being in self-isolation. “Well, I do suggest a good spring clean right now while we’re at it,” the ex-wife of Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux said. “That can’t hurt. Books are great, obviously.”

Before ending the call, Ellen told Jennifer she would once again “call you in 30 minutes and see what you’re doing.” Loving the conversation she had with the star of “The Morning Show”, the wife of Portia de Rossi wote in an accompanying caption of the video, “In times like these it’s nice to have friends like @JenniferAniston.”

Ellen previously shared videos of her calling Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Maroon 5‘s frontman Adam Levine as well as John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. To the last two, she she admitted she wished she had kids like them to kill her boredom while in quarantine.

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