Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama Dubs Him a ‘F***in Failure’ and ‘Clown’

Fetty Wap's Baby Mama Dubs Him a 'F***in Failure' and 'Clown'

Lezhae Zeona, who shares two children with Fetty, puts her baby daddy on blast on her Instagram account, sharing that the disrespect she gets from the rapper drives her to decide to leave him.

AceShowbizFetty Wap doesn’t have the best relationships with his baby mamas. After Masika Kalysha took a jab at him, it is now Lezhae Zeona, the rapper’s another baby mama, who came after him in Instagram posts.

Lezhae, who shares two children with Fetty, put her baby daddy on blast in Wednesday, March 11 posts on Instagram Stories. “Don’t have children with f***in failures,” so she wrote cryptically.

She went on to say in a separate post, “B****hhh .. I almost told y’all something whew let me get off this damn app.” Lezhae didn’t let people wonder what she was referring to for so long because she then wrote a lengthy message about Fetty and his alleged failure.

“Ya wanna know something ? God genuinely makes no mistakes,” she explained. “Call me whatever you wanna call me for going back and having a second child with this clown but guess what? I needed my son !”

“I swear, I was never forced into strength the way I was while I was pregnant with him! Before my pregnancy with my son, I was maddddllyyyy in love with my BD. He would do any and everything to me, disrespect tf outta me in public and in private and I never got enough,” she continued.

Lezhae went on to say, “But when I got pregnant with my son, this n***a violated the f**k outta me and it was undeniable that I couldn’t f***in do it with him anymore ! It was undeniable that I had to let tf go and move forward ! I needed exactly that and that was Gods form of delivery and I accept completely.” While she thought she wouldn’t be able to live without the rapper, it was her son who helps her get through it.

Prior to this, Masika Kalysha threw a shade at Fetty when she responded to a fan who suggested she gave her daughter Khari Barbie Maxwell a sibling. Underneath a photo of her with her daughter, the said follower wrote, “Why she do cute though!!! @masikakalysha she needs a sibling.” Masika then replied with a short message, “she has 50,” referring Fetty’s children with different women, though it was exaggerated.

Fetty has a total of seven children from six different women. Possibly because of the large number of kids, he apparently has trouble spending quality time with all of his children.

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