Gavin Rossdale: Coronavirus Pandemic Makes Co-Parenting With Gwen Stefani ‘Tricky’

Gavin Rossdale: Coronavirus Pandemic Makes Co-Parenting With Gwen Stefani 'Tricky'

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation, the Bush frontman talks about a ‘real big dilemma’ he is facing when dealing with the split custody of his three sons with his ex-wife.

AceShowbiz – Coronavirus has posed a dilemma for divorced Gavin Rossdale. As the global pandemic continues to wreak havoc around the world and forces many to self-isolate at home to stop its spread, the Bush frontman opened up about how it has thrown his co-parenting situation with ex-wife Gwen Stefani into a tricky one.

During an appearance on SiriusXM’s “Trunk Nation”, the 54-year-old talked about the challenges he faced during the lockdown due to his split custody agreement with his ex over his three sons, 13-year-old Kingston, 11-year-old Zuma and 6-year-old Apollo. “It’s a real big dilemma for parents and kids with split custody,” he pointed out in the Friday, April interview.

“I know who’s around me and know who’s bringing the corona – no one – but you send your kids out and now they’re coming back to you, and now you’re prone to whoever they’re with,” the rhythm guitarist went on explaining. “So, it’s a tricky one with all divorced parents.”

On what prompted him to share such statement, the rocker who once made an appearance on “Criminal Minds“, was asked if he had been able to spend time with his boys in the light of the crisis. “I did the first two weeks with them,” he said, before noting that his children are quarantining with his ex and her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, on his Oklahoma ranch.

While claiming that the arrangement is “ok for now,” the “Love Remains the Same” singer did admit, “I miss them, and they should be back. I have them the first week and then I haven’t had them for ten or 11 days, and that’s a long time.” He further pointed out, “Normally I have them every five days or something.”

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Revealing on how he coped with the situation, Rossdale spilled, “At first it was like, ‘Oh cool, you get to be super selfish. Play that guitar more.’ But now, I’m like, ‘I kind of prefer it when they’re around, actually.’ ” Since he is self-isolating with girlfriend Natalie Golba in Los Angeles, he has to rely on “a lot of FaceTime.” He jokingly added, “I find myself in my kids’ pockets a lot.”

Rossdale and Stefani were married for 13 years before she filed for a divorce in 2015. Years later, he opened up about learning to be a better father to the trio by trying to see them as often as possible. “I have learned during the past few years how to be a better father. And I am always learning more by being there for them,” he told PEOPLE in November 2019.

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