Is Nicki Minaj Dissing Beyonce in Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ Remix?

Is Nicki Minaj Dissing Beyonce in Doja Cat's 'Say So' Remix?

People are convinced that the ‘Anaconda’ hitmaker is referring to the ‘Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)’ songstress with her dissing lyrics in the song, after she denies that it’s about Wendy Williams.

AceShowbizDoja Cat has enlisted Nicki Minaj in the sassy remix of her 2019 chart-climbing song “Say So”. Upon its release on early Friday, May 1, the song quickly sparked Internet chatter, not because of their collaboration, but because of Nicki’s bar in the remix.

In the new spin on the retro-grooving pop song, the Harajuku Barbie spits in the outro, “That real a** ain’t keep your n***a home,” prompting many to speculate whom she’s referring to. Many took to Twitter to come with their wild guesses, which mostly mentioned talk show host Wendy Williams.

“The way Nicki dragged Miss Wendy P Williams so effortlessly #SaySoRMX,” one person commented after listening to the new song. “NICKI DEVOURED THE F**K OUTTA THAT SONG #SaySoRMX,” another tweeted, along with a clip of Wendy on her show.

While Nicki and Wendy may not have the best relationship after the latter slammed the “Starships” raptress over her marriage to a registered sex offender, Kenneth Petty, the fans could not be more wrong. Debunking the speculation, the Trinidad and Tobago-born star has taken to her Instagram Stories to say that “the line ain’t about Wendy tho.”

This prompted Internet users to come up with another wild speculation, this time involving Beyonce Knowles. Pointing out the former Destiny’s Child member’s lyrics in “Savage” remix, “If you wanna see some real ass baby here’s yo chance,” one person claimed, “it can’t be about any other rap girls because we all know their ass fake and been fake. so what is this? is she really taking shots at bey? because this one will dead her career.”

Some others suggested that it’s could be about either Beyonce or Megan Thee Stallion. One of them weighed in, “It’s between meg and Beyonce. And now that I think about it meg dosent have fillers. Beyonce might.”

Should Nicki really refer to Beyonce, people are warning her about how this might impact her career. “This ain’t what she want Lol. She can barely sell music to her hardcore fans these days,” someone predicted the raptress’ doom.

Another advised her, “Beyonce has a lot of influence and respect in the streets and in the industry. Nicki can’t afford to go toe to toe with Bey. She better stick to the Meek Mills & the Cardi B’s that she’s use to if she wants to keep Kenny laced in the finest boot cut designer jeans.”

The original version of “Say So” appears on Doja’s sophomore album “Hot Pink”. The single got a major boost after going viral on TikTok.

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