Jennifer Williams Responds to Ex’s ‘Fake’ Texts About Her Trying to Expose Evelyn Lozada’s Daughter

Jennifer Williams Responds to Ex's 'Fake' Texts About Her Trying to Expose Evelyn Lozada's Daughter

The ‘Basketball Wives’ alum catches wind of it and immediately responds in a now-deleted Instagram post in which she writes, ‘So I hear this scam artist is making up fake texts message.’

AceShowbiz – The man whom Jennifer Williams accused of stealing her Range Rover is clapping back. Aaron Nichols took to his Instagram account to spill the tea about the former “Basketball Wives” star by sharing some screenshot images of text messages allegedly between him and Jennifer.

In the now-deleted Monday, April 27 post, Jennifer told Aaron that she was planning to expose former-friend and “Basketball Wives” co-star’s Evelyn Lozada‘s daughter’s nudes. “I hate these messy b****es. Evelyn made me want to slap the s**t out of her. I should have leaked her daughter’s nudes. I could have exposed her a**,” so she allegedly wrote.

The man responded, “Come on Jen, when they go low , u go high, leave her kids out of it and keep it classy.” Jennifer then replied, “But I want to break these b****es baby. All of them. Especially [Shaunie O’Neal]. She was talking s**t about me saying [Shaquille O’Neal] cheated on like it was a lie. Everyone knows he had kids behind her back. And [Malaysia Pargo], or should I say ghetto a** LaQuisha, doesn’t even have a mind of her own. Whatever Evelyn and Shaunie says, Malaysia hops on board.”

Captioning the post, Aaron wrote, “A big reason why I wanted to end things with #JenniferwilliAms is because she was such an ugly person on the inside and she was engulfed with fame and notoriety. She asked me to be a love interest on her TV show; I declined over and over.”

“Every conversation was about basketball wives and just downing a lot of women, some of these women, ironically being the same ones in her comments supporting her right now. When we would be together, she would be on her phone the entire time, scrolling social media, which I thought was very childish. She also would create and leak stories to the media. Once, she asked me if I knew someone who would release @evelynlozada daughter’s @shanieceh nudes I WAS TOTALLY DISGUSTED WITH HER,” he added.

In another deleted post, Aaron claimed that he actually “paid off the Range Rover I’m accused of stealing.” He went on saying, “For the record, I have spent so much money on #jenniferwilliams it’s ridiculous that she would make these accusations. I have never stolen from her, I dropped the down payment for a Ferrari, I gave her #33k to pay off the very range Rover I’m accused of stealing, as well as given her tens of thousands of more dollars as gifts too.”

“She did the same for me- bought me a Bentley, gave me 10s of thousands of dollars, paid for vacation trips, etc,” he added. “Everything was mutual and if anybody is out of pocket, it’s ME. For anybody to say I stole or tricked them into giving me money is ridiculous.”

Jennifer caught wind of the post and immediately responded in an Instagram post that has been deleted. “More real receipts on the money you owe me, should I post your bank info too.. Don’t play with me with this fake s**t! Return all these people’s money you stole and cars. Stop trying to deflect. Nobody wants you with your 10 kids you don’t take care of #Loser,” so she wrote.

In a separate post, the VH1 star continued, “So I hear this scam artist is making up fake texts message along with my phone #.. not really surprised. Drop the real s**t con man!”

This arrived after Jennifer took to her Instagram account on Friday, April 24 to share that a conman took away her Range Rover. Posting a side-by-side photo of herself and the man she is accusing of stealing from her, the TV star pleaded, “I’m asking for some help finding my Range Rover that this man, Aaron Nichols, stole from me. He goes by many alias including Nick, Daniel or Chris.”

She alleged that she wasn’t the only victim, saying, “He has conned many women and men too out of vehicles and large amounts of cash.” She went on to spill more details about the man, “Lives in the Atlanta area and frequents Detriot, Houston and Vegas.”

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