Kim Kardashian Pokes Fun at Kanye West for Enjoying Chicken While She’s Flaunting Her Curves

Kim Kardashian Pokes Fun at Kanye West for Enjoying Chicken While She's Flaunting Her Curves

The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star takes to Instagram to share a series of photos from the married couple’s visit to the Jean Paul Gaultier atelier in Paris, France.

AceShowbiz – Nothing can top the deliciousness of fried chicken, not even a sexy wife. At least, that seems to be what Kanye West thinks when he accompanies Kim Kardashian taking a slew of sexy photos at the Jean Paul Gaultier atelier in Paris, France.

Kim herself couldn’t help but poke fun at that fact when she shared with her Instagram followers a slew of photos from their visit to the headquarter. “JPG & KFC,” she wrote along with a photo of herself taking a mirror selfie of her in a colorful body-hugging dress. Her rapper husband didn’t even bat an eye on her in the photo and munched on a bucket of KFC fried chicken instead.

Fans found the photo funny and admitted they could relate to Kanye. “Kanye is a WHOLE mood,” one said in the replies, with more than 100 people agreeing to the user. “He really just minding his business while she does her own thing. Issa MOOD,” another echoed, while someone said, “I’m Kanye when my friends trying to take pictures for the gram.” One other wrote, “They’re really hilarious af & don’t even try. Kim is really into her selfies and Kanye is really not giving af eating his food.”

Besides the KFC photo, Kim included some snaps of her posing in the dress. In one photo, the reality TV star showed off her pert derriere as she posed on a bicycle, while another image featured her standing with her arm outstretched against a clear window with the City of Love behind her.

The “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star additionally posted a video of her and Kanye deciding what to order during their visit to KFC in Paris. After deciding their order, the two walked to the counter to pick up their food.

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