Laurence Fox Urges Celebration of Diversity Upon Receiving Apology From Actors’ Union

Laurence Fox Urges Celebration of Diversity Upon Receiving Apology From Actors' Union
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Equity has publicly admitted to making a mistake for labeling the former ‘Lewis’ actor a ‘disgrace’ after he branded an audience member ‘racist’ during an appearance on BBC’s ‘Question Time’.

AceShowbiz – Outspoken British TV star Laurence Fox has received an official apology from bosses at U.K. acting union Equity for tweets calling him a “disgrace.”

Posts on the @EquityMEM Twitter account slammed the British actor following his appearance on BBC political discussion show “Question Time” in January, during which he branded an audience member “racist” for suggesting he benefited from white privilege.

On Friday (March 13), the organization issued a statement apologizing to the actor for the remarks, with a source telling Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper the mea culpa came after he reached an “out of court settlement” with the union.

“We are sorry that in the tweets he was called a ‘disgrace’ by Equity,” the apology, tweeted on their @EquityUK page, read. “It was a mistake for Equity as an organisation to criticise him in this way.”

It continued, “Nothing in Equity’s later statement was intended as a slur on his character or views or to suggest that he should be denied the ability to work. We would like to make that clear. Equity and Laurence Fox condemn prejudice unequivocally in all its forms.”

Members of Equity’s Race Equality Committee announced on its Twitter feed they felt they had “no choice” but to resign after the apology was issued. The @EquityMEM Twitter account, which has now been deleted, had been associated with an elected panel of Equity members who advised on issues of race.

U.K. Acting Union Equity Apologizes for Calling Laurence Fox a 'Disgrace'

U.K. acting union Equity apologizes for calling Laurence Fox a ‘disgrace.’

Fox’s comments came during a discussion about press treatment of Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. He followed it with yet more controversial remarks, criticizing the inclusion of Sikh soldiers in Sam Mendes’ First World War film “1917“, for which he later apologized.

After receiving his apology from Equity bosses, the Lewis star returned to Twitter after a self-imposed exile to celebrate his victory over the union.

Laurence Fox Celebrates Equity's Apology

Fox responds after Equity apologized.

“Hopefully this might an opportunity for us to continue to celebrate diversity in all its forms,” he wrote. “Including diversity of opinion.”

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