‘LHH’ Star Akbar V Fat-Shamed Over Naked Photo: ‘Rotisserie Chicken’

'LHH' Star Akbar V Fat-Shamed Over Naked Photo: 'Rotisserie Chicken'

In order to hype up the release of her upcoming single ‘B***h Like Me’, the ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star shares the artwork for the song that sees her stripping down to her birthday suit.

AceShowbizAkbar V is gearing for the release of her new single. To hype up her fans in the days leading up to the release, the rapper and reality TV star has taken to her Instagram account to unveil the cover art for her new song entitled “B***h Like Me”, only to find herself becoming the subject of fat-shaming.

In the cover art, Akbar lied on a beige blanket as she wore nothing but a pair of sunglasses that covered her eyes. Leaving little to the imagination, the “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star strategically put her hands on her chest to keep her nipples from coming out and used her legs to hide her lower private parts.

Akbar V shared the artwork for her new single.

Some people were praising her and gushing over her “smooth” skin, while some others were not really impressed and roasted her instead. Not a few even compared her to food. “Why she laid up like a thanksgiving turkey at the dinner table,” one said, prompting one other to chime in, “All she need is a apple in her mouth.” Another commented, “LMFAOOooooo no Rotisserie chicken,” as one other echoed the sentiment, “Look like ah big a** rotisserie chicken on that floor.”

“What in the ham hock is going on here?” someone else was baffled. “In counting my calories. I’ll pass on the honey bun,” another said, while an individual compared her to a pregnant woman. The user said of Akbar, “Thought this was somebody saying they were pregnant hell.” Someone similarly said, “I thought this was a maternity shoot.” There was also someone who said, “The chicken after it thawed out and you still didn’t cook it,” while one more person said, “This fat deadbeat b***h gotta go.”

Akbar has yet to react to the criticism. Meanwhile, “B***h Like Me” is set to be unleashed on Wednesday, February 26.

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