Lil Mosey Says No to Collaboration With Tekashi69

Lil Mosey Says No to Collaboration With Tekashi69

People on the Internet react badly to his remarks, but surprisingly the hate comments are mostly directed toward the Seattle rapper instead of rainbow-colored hair rapper.

AceShowbiz – On one of these days, someone may come up with a new collaboration with Tekashi69 (6ix9ine), who was just released from prison, for clout. However, Lil Mosey makes sure that it will not be him.

During a recent online interview with Los Angeles’ Real 92.3, the “Blueberry Faygo” rapper shut down the possibilty of him working together with the rainbow-colored hair rapper. “Nah, you ain’t see me around that b***h,” so the 18-year-old insisted.

“Nah. F**k no,” the Seattle rapper said. “If I snitched, no one would f**k with me. That s**t dead regardless, f**k that n***a.”

People reacted badly to his remarks, but surprisingly the hate comments were mostly directed toward Mosey. “Who said 69 was finna work wit dis n***a tho,” one fan wrote in the comment section. Echoing the sentiment, one other thought that “6ix9ine wouldn’t even wanna work with him anyway lmao.”

Another naysayer chimed in, “Tekashi wouldn’t work with him in the first place, snitching beside.” Pointing out that the possibility for 6ix9ine to ever collab with another artist, someone said, “I mean most of 69 songs are singles he wouldn’t give a f**k.”

Meanwhile, someone thought that Mosey didn’t have any right to criticize 69 for snitching because he “would snitch in the same situation.” Alluding that s/he was indifferent about the whole thing, one user commented, “Who gives af what lil mosey thinks at a time like this,” with someone simply stating, “Me>Lil Mosey.”

While Tekashi has yet to respond to this matter, rumors have it that the rapper is currently working on two albums, a Spanish project and an English album, following his release from jail. Despite his snitching scandal, it seems like people still have big curiosity as to who will be included in his upcoming album and which outlet that will snag his first post-prison interview.

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