Lili Reinhart Calls Twitter ‘Vile Place’ Amid Cancel Party Against Boyfriend Cole Sprouse

Lili Reinhart Calls Twitter 'Vile Place' Amid Cancel Party Against Boyfriend Cole Sprouse

The cancel party against the ‘Riverdale’ actor arrives after he is rumored to be cheating on Lili with young model Kaia Gerber as the two were spotted leaving the same car.

AceShowbizLili Reinhart gets defensive when people on Twitter started hate campaign against her boyfriend and “Riverdale” co-star Cole Sprouse. For some reason, the hashtag of #colesprouseisoverparty trended on the blue bird app, prompting Lili to rant in a series of now-deleted tweets.

“Twitter is such a vile place. It’s so easy to say s**t behind your f***ing phone, isn’t it? This is why people choose to keep their relationships private… this is why people don’t have social media.. because of this bullying,” the 23-year-old actress said on Friday, May 1.

She went on tweeting, “I don’t tolerate any of that s**t. Bully me? Sure fine. But attacking someone for literally no reason, just for the sake of a f***ing twitter trend? Please…. reassess yourself and your ego before you send another tweet into the abyss.”

“It’s easy to criticize someone and spew hate because it makes you feel like you have some sort of power over them. Truth is… you don’t. Saying you hate someone or don’t like them gives you absolutely no power over them,” the Betty Cooper on “Riverdale” stressed.

She went on to say, “You need to tweet about someone you literally don’t know in order to feel like you have something going on in your life? That’s sad. It’s really f***ing sad. You want to feel validated or important? Attacking someone online won’t give that to you. Do something helpful with your time and be better.”

In another post, Lili let everyone know that she wouldn’t “keep my mouth shut about things like this. You have no idea how destructive this can be to someone. To anyone.” Calling the cancel cultur “abusive,” Lili added, “There is no excuse for this. You need god in your life or some form of help if you participate in cancel culture.”

This arrives after Cole was rumored to be cheating on Lili with Kaia Gerber as the two were spotted leaving the same car on March 19. “I tolerate a lot of rumors and slander from people online claiming to be my fans,” Cole broke his silence on the rumors earlier this month. “Fans who feel entitled to my privacy precisely because I never indulge them. But attacking my friends, baseless accusations, leaking my address and sending death threats are all qualities of insanity and fanaticism. Choose humanity, stop being [clown emoji].”

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