Lizzo Teases Thong Line Collaboration With Tommy Hilfiger

Lizzo Teases Thong Line Collaboration With Tommy Hilfiger
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The ‘Truth Hurts’ hitmaker confirms the famed fashion designer has reached out to her after he expressed his desire to work with the rapper for a potential new line.

AceShowbiz – After making her name in music industry, Lizzo is likely to spread her wings into fashion business. The triple winner at this year’s Grammy Awards has teased a potential thong line collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.

Met outside of the Sweet Chick waffle house in L.A. on Sunday, February 23, a hungover Lizzo was asked by TMZ what’s next for her after her big year in 2019. She refused to directly answer the question and let the reporter guess.

When the reporter brought up Tommy who once mentioned the “Juice” raptress as his dream collaborator, the 31-year-old star confirmed that the famed fashion designer has reached out to her. On the project that she would like to develop with the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation founder should they really work together, she simply said “thongs.”

Lizzo, however, wouldn’t say when fans can expect her thongs line to arrive as she insisted that she’s too hungover to answer “so many questions.” The Detroit-born femcee, however, quickly shut down the idea of a potential political endeavor as she laughed it off when the reporter asked whether she would jump into politics in the near future.

Back in December 2019, Tommy said that Lizzo was at the top of his dream collaborators. “I would like to collab with people who have a great fashion sense,” he told TMZ. The 68-year-old fashion mogul also weighed in on Lizzo’s dance at the NBA game earlier that month, saying it was “very cool.”

Tommy was talking about Lizzo’s headline-making appearance at Los Angeles Lakers vs. Minnesota Timberwolves game on December 8, during which she wore a black T-shirt with a giant cut-out on the backside, showing her black thongs. That possibly has inspired Tommy for their potential collaboration.

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