Metro Boomin Blasts ‘Fake Woke’ People Mocking Billionaire’s Donation Amount Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Metro Boomin Blasts 'Fake Woke' People Mocking Billionaire's Donation Amount Amid Coronavirus Crisis

The ‘Ric Flair Drip’ spitter notes that ‘No contribution by anyone is greater or lesser right now’ amid the rapid spread of Coronavirus that forces people to do self-quarantine.

AceShowbiz – Coronavirus crisis has concerned everyone. With the virus spreading so fast globally, billionaires, including Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Ballmer, donated some of their wealth to help. The two recently announced that they donated $25 million to fund research for coronavirus treatment and accelerated testing for coronavirus, respectively.

That was huge, but some people apparently deemed the amount was too little compared to their net worths. “So that would be 0.045% of his wealth,” one critic wrote on Twitter alongside a screenshot of Zuckerberg’s $55.1 billion net worth.

In response to that kind of tweets, Metro Boomin recently took to his Twitter to call out “fake woke” people who blasted rich people for only donating a portion of their wealth amid Coronavirus outbreak. “How are people actually on here complaining that someone’s contribution to the crisis isn’t enough based off of what they are worth? Y’all be so fake woke lol,” the rapper said, adding, “$25 mIlLiOn iS OnLy $30 tO ThEm #HEADA**.”

He continued ranting, “The same people complaining about $25 million donations won’t even donate a single canned good to their local food bank or shelter cause they too busy being fake woke on the internet lol.”

The rapper added that “No contribution by anyone is greater or lesser right now because everything is needed for the same intent to save lives and preserve mankind.”

“$25 million is $25 million more than $0 no matter who it comes from,” he wrote, insisting that any donation matters. “Real lives and people will be helped and saved, no matter how you try and put it. I’m not defending billionaires n***a I’m defending common sense.”

Metro Boomin blasts fake woke people

Metro Boomin called out ‘fake woke’ people on Twitter.

Making fun of himself being another “fake woke” person, Metro concluded in a separate tweet, “I’m done being fake woke 4 the day tho I’m bout to get back to working on this music.”

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