Nick Cordero Has Yet to Regain Consciousness Days After Leg Amputation

Nick Cordero Has Yet to Regain Consciousness Days After Leg Amputation

Offering update on the Broadway star’s condition, wife Amanda Kloots admits she is hoping and praying every day that he wakes up since it has been 12 days out of sedation for him.

AceShowbizNick Cordero‘s wife Amanda Kloots is concerned that the Broadway star has yet to regain consciousness from his sedation, after doctors told her he “should have woken up by now”.

Amanda has been using Instagram to keep Nick’s followers updated about his condition, after he was taken into hospital earlier this year amid his battle with the coronavirus. Since then, doctors have been forced to amputate his leg after he suffered a series of blood clot issues that were hampering his recovery from Covid-19.

While Nick is now making “progress” in his health battle, Amanda revealed in a video on her Instagram Stories on Thursday, April 23 that doctors have voiced concerns that the 41-year-old should have regained consciousness by this point.

“Right now, we’re in a bit of a waiting game,” she said. “The doctors said that there was nothing on the MRI that would show that he won’t wake up, which is amazing news.”

“However, he hasn’t woken up and it’s been 12 days out of sedation, today’s the 12th day. The doctors do think that he should have woken up by now… We are just, you know, hoping and praying every day that Nick wakes up and putting that energy and that positivity out there because I do believe he will, He’s on ‘Nick time’ and when he wakes up, we will all be here to celebrate it.”

Nick’s physicians are now considering weaning him off his ventilator and other machines being used to help him in his recovery, Amanda added.

“He’s completely off blood pressure medicine, which is great, and they are also trying to reduce the dialysis assistance, which is great,” she said. “So as we are waiting for him to wake up, while he is still sleeping, they are slowly weaning his body off of assistance, which is just great, great news. Small wins.”

Following Nick’s leg amputation, a GoFundMe page was set up to help Amanda cover his medical expenses, and the total raised to date stands at an impressive $426,970 (£343,433).

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