Nico Tortorella Spills Story of Him Getting Arrested at High School Graduation

Nico Tortorella Spills Story of Him Getting Arrested at High School Graduation

The ‘Younger’ star is one of the many celebrities, including Eva Longoria, Jaime King and Margaret Cho, giving a speech during Her Campus’ ‘I’m Still Graduating’ virtual ceremony.

AceShowbiz – “Younger” star Nico Tortorella found himself in handcuffs at his high school graduation.

The 31-year-old actor gave a speech during Her Campus’ “I’m Still Graduating” virtual ceremony on Friday, May 15 and opened up about what happened at his own high school’s big day.

“I got arrested at my graduation,” he revealed. “I’m sure that’s not how anyone expected me to start this speech. Not the graduators. Not the Her Conference. Not my mom. Not me. But we’re living in some trying times, y’all, so we might as well discuss some trying times.”

Nico explained he drank some wine and beer before the ceremony, and was inebriated by the time he arrived for the graduation. Unfortunately for the star, a police officer stopped him on the way in and asked Nico’s cousin, a medical worker present at the event, to administer a breathalyser test.

“I blew 0.1. I was a minor,” he said. “Zero tolerance policy. Arrested. By my cousin. At my high school graduation.”

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The “I’m Still Graduating” event also featured speeches and appearances from stars including Eva Longoria, Jaime King, Margaret Cho, Austin Mahone, Jesse McCartney, Billie Jean King, Saweetie, Radhika Jones, Hailie Sahar, Andrew Yang and Brooke Baldwin.

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