Paula Abdul on People Doubting Her Mysterious Plane Crash Story: You Can’t Take Things Personally

Paula Abdul on People Doubting Her Mysterious Plane Crash Story: You Can't Take Things Personally

In a new interview, the former ‘American Idol’ judge recalls the traumatic accident in 1993 once again, sharing about her long road of recovery after injuring her spinal cord.

AceShowbizPaula Abdul couldn’t care less about the doubt surrounding her mysterious plane crash story. Having been subjected to several accusations that she fabricated her accounts of the traumatic accident taking place nearly three decades ago, the former “American Idol” judge insisted she didn’t “take things personally.”

When the topic was brought up during an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, the 57-year-old singer responded by pointing out, “You know what? It’s like, there are seven other people that were on the plane, who were in that plane accident with me.” She went on to stress, “So, I really don’t care what people have to say. I don’t.”

The “Opposites Attract” hitmaker then explained why she refused to make much of the skepticism. “It’s like, you learn and grow through wisdom and experience of being in this business, especially with the internet,” she stated. “You can’t take things personally, and the things that resonate with you that can help you become better, the best version of yourself, you hold onto and you work through that.”

During the chat, Abdul detailed what exactly happened to her in the 1993 crash. “When we plummeted, I hit my head on the ceiling of the plane,” she recalled. “I was really injured. I mean, I had a spinal cord injury and nerve damage. I started losing all feeling on my right side, and I was starting to really live in excruciating pain.”

The former judge on “So You Think You Can Dance” continued to share what she went through to get better. “So back then neurosurgery, especially with having spinal cord injury and having surgery, there was a 50/50 chance to get better,” she dished. “But I was willing to try, because the quality of my life was starting to really suck, and it hurt.” She added, “It was not fun.”

Aside from talking about her plane crash, Abdul also opened up about the “cutting-edge laser treatments” she got to age gracefully. “A lot of women here in this industry, they don’t talk about this – until now,” the ambassador for InMode noted. “Thank God for the Kardashians, moving the needle and showing laser procedures on television and actually educating women of what’s out there.”

“I work out a lot, I’m pretty healthy and active, but there’s certain areas that I felt like could use a little more sculpting… and I just wanted to have a sleeker jawline. I’m not ready for the facelift and cutting – I wanted any alternative to doing that – and I don’t have downtime,” she continued. “So I needed something that was so minimal, I literally was out walking and enjoying my life the next day.”

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