Rapper Maxo Kream Calls Public Fight With Fellow Emcee Rizzoo Rizzoo ‘Gangsta S**t’

Rapper Maxo Kream Calls Public Fight With Fellow Emcee Rizzoo Rizzoo 'Gangsta S**t'

After a video has circulated online showing him and another Texas rapper getting into a physical altercation in a packed parking lot, the ‘She Live’ rapper brags about handling it like a ‘big homie.’

AceShowbizMaxo Kream has broken his silence after a video of him getting into a physical altercation with fellow Texas rapper Rizzoo Rizzoo went viral. Not apologizing for it, he admitted the fight was a gang-related incident and bragged about handling their issue like a “big homie.”

“What happened was, two young black met up for a disagreement and got it off their chest,” he said in an Instagram video posted on Thursday, May 14. “It wasn’t supposed to get to the internet … when you do gangsta s**t, ain’t supposed to get to the internet. But I’mma big homie … We got a problem, pull up and squabble.”

The 30-year-old also seemed to be proud that they didn’t get into a shooting match and avoided a potentially deadly situation. “We didn’t pick up the guns … Me being from Houston, bro, and being that a lot of n***as really die out here, and they be looking up to Trigga Maxo music … I’m like, ‘F**k that s**t. Let’s squabble like men. Put the guns down and put the fists up,’ ” he added.

He continued taking on other rappers who shoot and snitch, saying, “Y’all b***h-a** n***as nowadays wouldn’t do that, ’cause y’all n***as supporting snitches and picking up guns. Y’all n***as would rather catch attempted murder before you catch an a** whooping.”

After touching on the senseless gun violence that has plagued hip-hop, he ended the video with a “salute” to Rizzoo. He also captioned the video with “I’m stomp Dine nicca cut frm a different Cloth and I lead by example Big Homie Maxo.”

Maxo’s Instagram video was released after he was caught in a brawl with Rizzoo of The Sauce Factory crew (TSF) in the parking lot outside of an establishment, which is reportedly in Houston, on Wednesday night, May 13. The two men, who were shirtless, were seen throwing punches at each other, with Maxo kicking Rizzoo.

According to XXL, at least 20 onlookers can be seen in the parking lot. However, a voice can be heard in the video advising the witnesses to let the two men fight without intervening. Maxo and Rizzoo separated at one point in the clip, with the latter running into a dark, grassy area.

However, towards the end of the nearly one-and-a-half minute-long clip, Rizzoo walked back to the crowded parking lot and was met by Maxo, who began to unleash a series of punches on what appears to be Rizzoo’s back.

Rizzoo has not addressed the fight, but he appears to be in good mood and shows no signs of physical injuries in his latest Instagram post. “Outside feeling better then ever❗️!” he captioned his photo.

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