Summer Walker Dragged on Internet Over Her ‘HIV’ Comments

Summer Walker Dragged on Internet Over Her 'HIV' Comments

The ‘Playing Games’ singer is put on blast on the internet for engaging in the HIV stigma following her Instagram rant after her laptop was stolen during a flight.

AceShowbizSummer Walker came under fire over her remarks about HIV. She ranted on Instagram after her laptop was stolen, “Who ever stole my laptop off that la flight last night can suck a fat stankin uncercumsized HIV infected d**k.”

Many were less than impressed by her comments. They called her out for engaging in the HIV stigma. One wrote, “I’m just so disgusted…I’m sure plenty of fans of hers are living with HIV. Just think about the message that it sends to them. This furthers stigmas like believing that people with HIV are ‘dirty’ & the worst thing to exist.”

Some people clapped back at her by mocking her live shows which often received negative reviews. “I’ve been living with HIV since Summer Walker was 11 years old and longer than her career will last. My immune system is stronger than her live performances,” one quipped.

Another ridiculed the singer over her social anxiety which many claimed to be fake, “Summer Walker out here wishing HIV on people, in 2020!…Meanwhile, she faints in a room of 3 people.”

Summer hasn’t responded to the criticisms. Instead, she posted a video of her giggling as she got a new laptop from boyfriend London on da Track. “I’m literally sitting in bed pouting thinking about driving up to the air port lost & found and here come @londonondatrack,” she wrote. “It ain’t even been a whole hour since I been mad [laugh] thank you lover.”

“I feel stupid for being mad now lol,” she added.

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