SZA Caught Using Controversial Bleaching Pills

SZA Caught Using Controversial Bleaching Pills

After sparking backlash over her apparent lighter complexion in recent months, the ‘All the Stars’ singer accidentally leaks a picture showing her glutathione pills which women use to brighten their skin.

AceShowbizSZA has revealed the secret to her apparent lighter complexion. After coming under fire by fans who accused the singer of lightening her skin in recent months, the R&B star has accidentally leaked a picture of her bleaching pills.

Over the weekend, the 29-year-old shared on her Instagram Stories a picture of the vitamins and supplements she takes. Among them was the glutathione pills, which women all over the world are taking to brighten their skin. SZA claimed that she takes the pills for her “immune system” and just so happens to be getting the side effect of lighter skin.

SZA Caught Using Controversial Bleaching Pills

SZA shows the vitamins and supplements she takes.

Confirming the side effect of glutathione, an Internet user shared her own experience, “Those types of supplements really do work. It’s crazy. I started taking a certain supplement for a different reason and my skin got pale as s**t in June in the South.” The said person added, “Thought I was tripping until I googled ‘skin lightening’ and all these results came up. Definitely didn’t do it intentionally. It was meant to be for health.”

Keeping positive thoughts, another weighed in, “Tbf it does help with the immune system and a bunch of other things. It’s a pretty good antioxidant! I’m guessing she’s taking it because of the corona. One of the other supplements is also an antioxidant.”

But others were not convinced that SZA takes the pills for her immune system. “What’s supposedly wrong with her immnue system to take these?” a confused user asked. Another alleged, “She appears to bleach and her dumb a** posted things that would bleach your skin. Maybe you’d be better off going to her page and asking her how dumb she was to post this.”

“That’s sad if she is doing that,” someone else commented, while another wrote, “i think a LOT of these black female celebs are using glutathione. quite a number of them look lighter now than they used to. and i know people like to blame it on lighting and s**t, but i don’t think it was all due to lighting.”

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