T.I. Speaks Out as Floyd Mayweather Takes a Dig at Him Over His Wife Tiny

T.I. Speaks Out as Floyd Mayweather Takes a Dig at Him Over His Wife Tiny

The rapper weighs in on the internet buzz that started after the boxing champion says the lyricist should have confronted his own wife instead of attacking him over the 2014 alleged affair.

AceShowbizT.I. has seemingly responded to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. after the latter talked in a new interview about their feud years ago. He posted this cryptic message, “Money can’t hide da sucka in you,” before adding in the caption, “At ALL…By No Means….point Blank….”

Floyd recently said about this about T.I., “My thing is this, I just tell men like this, ‘If you feel like your woman is a trophy, she should be at home on the shelf.’ Period.” The boxer added the rapper should have checked his wife instead of confronting him.

As the story lighted up the internet, T.I. returned to his Instagram to clarify, “On this page I share my personal views,perspectives & overall philosophy on life,& our purpose in it. Not to be directed towards anything or anyone in particular unless formally addressed.”

The feud between T.I. and Floyd Mayweather dated all the way back in 2014 when Floyd was rumored to sleep with Tiny. The rapper pulled up on Floyd and told the athlete to stay away. Floyd and Tiny later had an awkward run-in at the red carpet of the BET Awards. Accompanied by his own girlfriend, Floyd still tried to get Tiny’s attention but she ignored him.

In a chat with her friend Kandi Burruss, Tiny insisted she didn’t cheat on her husband. “I didn’t have any sex. He [Floyd] flirted with me. I think that was fine. Everybody needs a little attention, especially if she ain’t getting it. If you ain’t giving it, she’s gonna go get it somewhere else.”

Tiny has been married to T.I. since 2010. They have three children together. The rapper has been plagued with numerous infidelity rumors to the point that she hired a private detective to tail him. “It worked out…I definitely would [recommend it], it’s expensive though. But it worked out,” she said.

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