‘The View’ Alum Paula Faris Denies Meltdown and Whoopi Goldberg Beef

'The View' Alum Paula Faris Denies Meltdown and Whoopi Goldberg Beef

Unlike what had been reported, Paula shares in her new book that she and Whoopi had a mature talk with Whoopi about her decision to ‘step back’ from the morning show back in 2016.

AceShowbiz – “The View” co-host Paula Faris has set the record straight about the rumors surrounding her exit from “The View” back in 2018. The 44-year-old detailed her departure in her new memoir “Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling” which was released on Tuesday, April 21.

Addressing the alleged beef she had with former co-host Whoopi Goldberg, Paula said, “The writer (whom I refuse to call a journalist) spun a fantastical tale about how I’d been told I was being cut in my dressing room, how I’d lost my cool and blamed Whoopi.”

“And though the article wasn’t true, though I hadn’t had a dressing-room meltdown and hadn’t blamed Whoopi for any of it, none of that mattered. The tabloids had set the narrative,” she went on speaking of the 2016 Daily Mail report.

Unlike what had been reported, Paula shared that she and Whoopi had a mature talk about her decision to “step back” from the morning show, adding that Whoopi “understood” her decision.

“I muscled my way through the rest of the convention and cried myself all the way back to New York,” Paula wrote in her book, recalling the times when reports that Whoopi was “elated” that Paula was “axed” from the show hit the web. “I considered my potential failure on ‘The View’, and that’s when the fear came. In fact, the fear seemed to metastasize, to shapeshift, to turn into something more like a reality. I didn’t wonder whether I was a failure; I knew I was.”

However, Paula admitted that she used to be having a tension with Whoopi, saying that “there was a growing disconnect between my amazing co-hosts (all of whom I still love) and me.”

Seemingly blaming her non-partisan stance for the tension, Paula said, “Show after show, the tension mounted. Co-hosts were agitated as I avoided taking sides during interviews, discussions of current events, and political debates. After each taping of the view, I returned to my dressing room fully aware that I was the odd woman out.”

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