This Is Why Swizz Beatz’s Son Wore Skeleton Face Paint to Grammys

This Is Why Swizz Beatz's Son Wore Skeleton Face Paint to Grammys

‘I thought he was super brave,’ the DJ husband of Alicia Keys says of his son Prince Nasir Dean, who turned heads at the January 26 event as he arrived while rocking skeketon face paint.

AceShowbizSwizz Beatz‘s son Prince Nasir Dean successfully grabbed people’s attention with his unique look while attending the 2020 Grammy Awards on January 26 which was hosted by Beatz’s wife and singer Alicia Keys. The 19-year-old turned heads as he rocked skeleton face paint, and now Swizz has explained the reason behind his Grammy look.

“I thought he was super brave,” Beatz said on Saturday night, February 15 prior to Prince’s performance at an art event at the West Hollywood EDITION Hotel. “One thing that we do in the household is we let our kids express themselves, and he just showed up as his character, Note Marcato.”

“I was like, ‘You know we’re going to the Grammys right?’ And he’s like, ‘Mm hmm, I’m going like this.’ You know. I thought it really worked for him,” he continued sharing.

Beatz went on to praise his son’s way in expressing his creative side. “If [my son] wants to wear his makeup and his costume and he’s being respectful, then I’m all for it,” the DJ added. “I give him the space to have his own sound, his own style, his own everything. I’m here to love him anyway.”

Prince is Beatz’s son with Nicole Levy. He is rising artist, producer and DJ with the skeleton makeup being part of his signature look. “If you don’t see it, someone at the Grammys is in the audience with a skeleton face paint,” tweeted one confused fan about Prince, who seated next to Beatz and his two other sons, Egypt and Genesis. “I have many questions.”

“whoever the guy is in full skeleton makeup at the Grammys, is me. I stan,” wrote another. Someone else added, “Did Alicia really make audience intros and not ask Halloween skeleton mask guy what his name was? I mean… I’d like to know.” Another tweet read, “Are we not gonna talk about the guy with skeleton makeup sitting in the audience at the Grammys rn or.”

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