TikTok Star Josh Richards Shows Off His Penis on Instagram Live

TikTok Star Josh Richards Shows Off His Penis on Instagram Live

This results in a number of people criticizing the 18-year-old social media personality due to the fact most of his fans are still underage, while some others are generally disgusted.

AceShowbizJosh Richards found himself trending on social media on Tuesday morning, April 28. It was all because the night before, he joined his friend Griffin Johnson on an Instagram Live in which he proudly showed off his penis to thousands of viewers.

Both Josh and Griffin were playing around during the session before the former dropped the camera on the floor and pretended to sit on it. That was when he suddenly took off his pants to reveal his balls, shocking those who tuned in to the Live. The moment soon went viral and garnered mixed reactions from Internet users.

Some jokingly thanked the TikTok star for giving them close-up views of his private part, while some others blasted him for showing such things when most of his fans are still underage. A concerned user said, “i hate tik tok boys. wanted to see why josh richards was trending and he fucking showed his balls on instagram live SO MANY UNDERAGE PEOPLE SAW THAT I HATE IT HERE.”

“ayo why did josh richards show his b*lls on a livestream full of probably 11 year olds i hate men,” another blasted him. “he literally didnt send it to private so someone like exposed him he literally showed d**k to kids that are 10yo that are watching him live he literally leaked himself,” one other said.

A number of people were genuinely disgusted by his action. “Josh Richards had the AUDACITY to sit on us with his balls while we were calmly watching his live-,” one weighed in, as someone else commented, “I clicked on josh Richards trending bc I was expecting him to be canceled or some s**t ….. he did NOT just flash his balls and A** on a live IM DISGGuussteddddd god please take me NOW.”

Josh himself didn’t seem to be sorry for his actions. As his name started trending on social media, he simply wrote, “Yo kinda legendary tho.”

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