Tulisa Speaks About Bell’s Palsy Struggle Caused by Horse Riding Accident

Tulisa Speaks About Bell's Palsy Struggle Caused by Horse Riding Accident

During an appearance on ‘Loose Women’, the former N-Dubz member claims she wants to raise awareness on her neurological condition because of the online trolling she has received.

AceShowbiz – British pop star Tulisa has opened up on her battle with neurological condition Bell’s Palsy after a serious horse riding accident caused nerve damage to her face.

The former N-Dubz star appeared on Monday’s (March 09) instalment of U.K. TV panel show “Loose Women”, where she revealed she struggles with the condition which causes facial paralysis that results in an inability to control the facial muscles on the affected side.

“I do suffer from Bell’s Palsy. The first time was after a serious horse-riding accident and it caused nerve damage,” the “Young” singer explained. “There’s been times people have criticised the way I look and my face, not knowing I’m going through a Bell’s Palsy attack.”

“Someone online said I looked like I was having a stroke. I have emergency steroids on me and I know how to handle it,” she added.

Tulisa went on to explain she’s opening up on her struggle to raise awareness of the trolling she has received, as she is concerned about how prolific online abuse has become in the younger generation and the effect it might have on them.

“I just think it’s such a big issue with this current generation. It’s not just celebrities, it’s young people going through it,” she shared. “Some of the worst comments would be too harsh for daytime television. The worst things you can say about women. I had people referencing my uncle’s death, my mother’s mental illness, loads of threats. The lowest of the lows.”

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Although the singer admitted she has retaliated in the past, she confessed she’s “conflicted” now, and instead distances herself from the platforms when things get tough.

“I posted something yesterday but that was for the first time in a good few months,” she said. “I find it healthy to take breaks.”

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