Video of Offset’s Alleged Attack by Lil Baby’s Crew Surfaces Despite Denial

Video of Offset's Alleged Attack by Lil Baby's Crew Surfaces Despite Denial

The clip shows a group of people rushing towards a man believed to be the Migos member before stuff is being thrown in the air and Lil Baby scolds his entourage.

AceShowbizOffset‘s alleged attack by Lil Baby‘s crew was captured on camera. The video has now surfaced online, after the “Drip Too Hard” rapper denied that the reported beatdown on his fellow Quality Control artist ever happened.

In the video taken from afar, a group of people were seen rushing towards someone, who is believed to be Offset, outside of the popular Atlanta nightspot Compound. While the Migos star was not seen in the video, the men were heard greeting him as saying, “What’s up, Off.”

Things then got rowdy, with some stuff, which looked like shoes, being thrown in the air. At the end of the video, someone who is said to be Lil Baby was seen packing back and forth, looking frustrated. He then scolded his entourage, “What the f**k is y’all doing man, we like brothers.”

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During the incident, which reportedly took place last Saturday, February 29, the “Sum 2 Prove” rapper’s crew allegedly beat up the “Ric Flair Drip” star and stripped him off his clothes, leaving him in just his underwear. Moreover, it was said that Offset tried to pay them off to keep them quiet about the alleged incident.

While it’s unknown what led to the alleged attack, rumor had it that the two have been on bad terms for some time now because Quality Control boss Pierre “Pee” Thomas has favored Lil Baby over Offset and his group Migos, seeing the younger star as having bigger potential in the future. Shortly after the incident, Offset unfollowed Lil Baby on Instagram, further fueling the feud speculation.

Another report said the beef was over an alleged gambling debt. A street insider told MTO News that “Offset supposedly owed someone $50 thousand from a dice game.” Members of Lil Baby’s crew reportedly collected their debt when they ran into Offset that night of the incident.

Lil Baby, however, later denied the reports, claiming, “That’s cappppppoo.” He also posted a cryptic message on Instagram Stories that read, “Stop spreading fake news !! That s**t fake !!”

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